Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy is the basis of our deep tissue massage. Trigger points are palpable nodules in muscles. Opposed to general muscle tightness, trigger points are specific spots in a muscle where there is localized tension - resulting in the feeling of a raised bump or “knot”. Within the muscle, muscle fibers contract and adhese, becoming unable to relax and expand.

Pain results from the overstretched fibers and the buildup of metabolic waste in the frozen fibers. Without movement, metabolic toxins from cells cannot be removed and nutrition cannot be brought in to the muscle fibers. Similarly, adhered muscle fibers cannot stretch as well, resulting in painful stretching or decreased range of motion. In addition to this, active trigger points cause referral pain, which is pain in locations of the body that are not where the actual trigger point is. For example, several trigger points in gluteus medius, a muscle on the side of the hip, can cause pain radiating all the way down the thigh and knee, and up into the low back.

Trigger points develop in predictable locations. Trigger point maps have been developed to study the locations of trigger points in every muscle of the body. With the proper knowledge, even you can find trigger points and deal with them!

Visit Allison Downing, LMT to learn if you have trigger points, and what you can do about them.


Trigger Point Explained - With Animation