Erin h.

I’m currently a law student in my final year, so between classes, client work, and preparing to begin my career, I work long, unpredictable hours. It’s hard to get relief with generic coping techniques like stretches, extra sleep, pain relievers, etc. When Allison works on me, it’s amazing to feel the pain melt away in layers. Since I started working with her, I’ve had fewer migraines, I sleep better, and I have less pain overall. I would highly, highly recommend her services for anyone who struggles with chronic pain for any reason.


Harsh B.

Put plainly - Allison just has a gift! I have had chronic back pain on my left traps for a long time. She not only figured out the pain spot within seconds without me even saying anything but proceeded to massage and really calm down the muscle tightness. Not only she is talented and skilled but AMAZINGLY courteous and friendly. She will actually listen to you. I cannot recommend Allison highly enough. This is coming from a guy who doesn't write reviews often or ever unless the service is exceptional...


Dina S.

As a Breast Cancer survivor, massage touch is so vital to survivorship. Allison's ability to know the body through touch is demonstrated by her massages. She listens not only to what you say but what your body asks for as well.

She has an instinctive gift and integrates her knowledge of anatomy and physiology through touch to provide healing.


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