What is a Rotator Cuff Injury?

There are four main muscles of the shoulder that move our arm at the shoulder joint. When one or more of these muscles gets strained or torn, the shoulder experiences pain and difficulty moving in one or more directions.

We work with all four muscles and their assistant muscles to get your shoulders back into a position to heal and bear weight again.

Whether your injury is from trauma or simply a repetitive use injury, we want to meet you where you’re at!

How Massage Therapy can Help

When our muscles get injured, the resulting tension, inflammation, and scarring from healing can delay our shoulders from being as strong as they once were.

The mobilization, trigger point reduction, and stretching of massage therapy helps to break up scar tissue, increase circulation in the muscle, and align the fibers to work in coordination with each other and return strength to the muscle.

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A Rock Climber Specialty

Athletes love pushing themselves to the max. Whether you are scaling a wall, throwing or catching a ball, or throwing punches, we have helped many athletes continue to perform with as much stability in their shoulders as possible.

Come in today to do continued maintenance on your shoulders!


Very Knowledgable!


Allison was able to tell the difference between muscle and fascial issues with my rotator cuff and address my shoulder pain more thoroughly and with less discomfort than I could have imagined!

After my session with Allison, I felt much better. Because this is a chronic issue, I have already made another appointment for next week!