What is Neck Pain?

There are many causes of neck pain. Neck pain can start in the bones and joints, muscles, or fascia.

Some of the most common causes of neck pain include arthritis, posture complications, stress, whiplash from a car accident or sport, and jostling/injury. When the joint health and muscular tension becomes high enough, neck pain results.

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How Massage Therapy Can HelP

Whether your neck pain is recent or old, we can help.

We use techniques that are gentle yet firm, applying the most detailed pressure to the tender spots of your pain.

If you have arthritis, massage therapy can still help. While we cannot reduce arthritis, we can reduce the muscular tension that inherently increases with the pain and stiffness caused by arthritis.

WHat are people Saying?

Neck pain is one of our areas of specialty! We use detailed knowledge of the muscles and structures of the head, neck, and shoulders to pinpoint areas where the deepest pain is originating.

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Sweet Relief!

— Sue H.

I went to Allison due to neck pain. She not only increased my range of motion but eased my pain and taught me simple yet elegant stretches to prevent recurring pain. Thank you, Allison!

Neck Tension is Gone!

— Crystalyn T.

Allison is an amazing massage therapist! I am a nurse and grad student. I have had chronic tension in my neck and upper back that makes it difficult to sleep at times.

She used great technique and just the right pressure to help bring immediate relief. After seeing Allison, I slept the best I have in a long time and woke up with no neck pain or tension! I highly recommend Allison!

No More Neck Pain!

— Tina W.

I came to Allison in unbearable pain after about a week of unsuccessfully trying other things for relief. At this point, I had minimal movement in my neck and continual - sometimes throbbing - pain. I saw Allison for two sessions and was able to move again fully with no pain!

She used gentle techniques and explained exactly what the muscles were doing, which I really appreciated!