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*The following is an excerpt from the book Stop Stomach Pain: How to Heal Your Gut and End Food Restrictions


Why Guided Imagery?

We are used to measuring and controlling what goes into our body— water, sugar, carbohydrates, sleep, fats, proteins, fibers. But what goes into the mind can impact the body just as much - or more - than food.

Why guided imagery, then?

The mind thinks more strongly with images and stories—concrete details—than it does in abstractions. If we are stressed or anxious, we can try and rationalize “I am safe”, but this is an abstract concept. If the mind (and particularly, the body and gut) are sending out hormone responses with cortisol or engaging the sympathetic nervous system, the best way to counteract stress responses is not with rational (which is abstract to the mind) but something it will interpret as concrete and real.

Guided imagery helps direct the mind toward healthy thinking. Instead of demanding “stop thinking that!” or “stop being anxious!”, it gives the mind something to think about that is peaceful and grounding. Instead of leaving the mind in a vacuum or increasing negative thoughts by punishing the mind, guided imagery introduces healthy, positive feeling to the mind and body and helps calm and heal our nervous system - both body and mind.


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