WHat is Stomach Pain?

There are a variety of causes of stomach pain. Some of them are acute and need to be dealt with immediately - such as appendicitis or ulcers. Other causes are less urgent but more consistent over time.

Chronic stomach pain may be a sign of a larger problem. Acid imbalance, bacterial overgrowth, new food sensitives,

If you have not talked to your doctor about your stomach pain, please talk to them immediately to ensure your pain is not from a more serious condition.

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How Can Massage Therapy Help?

Our digestive system is controlled by a system that is very different than our muscles. Our muscles we can move through conscious thought and choice, but our gut is controlled much more like our heart - through the autonomic nervous system. It is automatic. It works without us thinking.

When the gut isn’t working then, it’s hard to get it working just by thinking for it to.

I use therapies called craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation to balance the nervous system and clear signals going from the brain to the gut. Visceral manipulation (developed by Dr. Jean-Pierre Barral) and craniosacral therapy (develop by Dr. John Upledger at MSU) are light touch therapies that address the nervous system and deep layers of the body.

If you have been diagnosed with IBS, acid reflux (GERD), IBD, ulcerative colitis, Chron’s, or another gastrointestinal disorder, we may be able to help you. We offer free, 15-minute phone consultations to hear your story and decide if our work may be able to help you.

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